Professor Okazaki had a few things up on the wall in his dojo in Hawaii. One was Bun Shikashite Bu which means the literary arts are just as important as the martial arts. The following resources are for those who are interested in learning more about Danzan Ryu and martial arts.

Kanji for Tan Ren
Tanren Ju Ni Hon
Themes of the month
article by Prof Kaplowitz

Droplet cover art of Danzan Ryu Origin Stories
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories
Podcast Interviews with
DZR Sensei by Prof Kaplowitz

Cover art for Wa, Pono, Haramony the 73rd AJJF National Convention Virtual, April 9-11, 2021
Wa | Pono | Harmony
2021 AJJF Convention Booklet hosted by Pacific JuJitsu Kai
Japanese mon of a flower-like image with five petals and one center
Six Dimensions of Training
Different aspects of training
article by Prof Kaplowitz

Cover art with open fan for Tessenjutsu by Hillary Kaplowitz
Book about the Iron Fan by Prof Kaplowitz