Teaching Danzan Ryu Hawaiian Style Martial Arts Since 2000

Learning Danzan Ryu (DZR) Jujitsu is a great way to experience a traditional martial art with modern elements in a friendly, collaborative environment. Founded in Hawaii in the 1920s, DZR has direct roots to traditional Japanese jujitsu and includes techniques such as escapes from holds, joint locks, takedowns, ground arts, striking, and healing arts. The core principle is to redirect energy versus trying to meet it head-on. By yielding to force instead of resisting, we can overcome adversity—whether it be in physical techniques or in our interactions with others. 

Our dojo culture promotes personal growth in a welcoming and constructive environment. We invite you to come see what we have to offer. New students are welcome at any time. Class is ongoing and taught at all levels.

Martial Side

Jujitsu arts are based on the 
principle of yielding

Jujitsu translates as yielding techniques and is based on the principle of going around conflict. Learning to gain power through yielding is key to success of our techniques. Techniques in our system fall into five major categories: hand arts, throwing techniques, groundwork, striking and healing. All arts on our system rely on the core concept of softness overcomes hardness.

Healing Side

Seifukujitsu is based on the 
principle of restoring 

Seifukujitsu translates as restoration techniques and is based on the principles of assisting the body to return to health. Learning to balance the healing with the martial not only provides you with the skill to reverse the martial techniques but gives you insight into the principles of the system that cannot be learned through only practicing one side or the other.

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