Prof Okazaki seated in gi with his tessem

Prof Okazaki awarded a nine foot Mokuroku scroll to his Black Belt Instructors. This was usually done at the rank of nidan. Mokuroku translates as catalog and is a traditional martial arts document. Prof Okazaki’s mokuroku contained information on origin and history of JuJitsu as well as his own personal history. All of the techniques from the courses of the shoden and chuden levels of Danzan Ryu were listed. Prof Okazaki also included admonishments, advice and philosophical information regarding the austere practice of JuJitsu. The scroll was signed and stamped with the Kodenkan chop.

Prof George Arrington published a Translation of the 1939 Mokuroku of Raymond L. Law for the Danzan Ryu community.

The document “The Esoteric Principles of Danzan Ryu JuJitsu” was created by William Morris in 1963 for an article that appeared in Black Belt Magazine. It was derived from Prof Bud Estes’ mokuroku and includes much of the advice and philosophical aspects of the scroll.