Basic Terminology

Dan Level of black belt rank, grade
Danzan Ryu Sandalwood mountain system
Dojo Place for studying the way, place where one practices martial arts
Gi Uniform for practicing martial arts
Hazushi Escape by prying motion
Judo Gentle/yielding way
JuJitsu Gentle/yielding art
JuJitsuka Jujitsu expert
Kai Association, club
Kake Execution (of a technique)
Kiai Unification of mind and body with a focused shout originating from the lower abdomen
Kiotsuke Call to attention
Kodenkan School of Ancient Tradition – Prof. Okazaki
Kodokan School for Studying the Way – Jigaro Kano
Kokua "Helping hand," teaching and helping one another (Hawaiian)
Kyu Class below black belt rank
Matte! Stop! Wait!
Obi Belt
Ohana Family (Hawaiian)
Rei Bow
Seiza Formal kneeling position
Sensei Teacher, one who precedes; applicable to any black belt on the mat
Sutemi Self-sacrifice, refers to all the rolls and falls.
Tatami Mat
Tori Defender, demonstrator of technique.
Tsukuri Fitting In (to a technique)
Uke Attacker, to whom the techniques are done
Yosh! Continue, good. Resume action.
Yudansha Graded student. One who is a black belt
Zanshin Remaining heart