Head Instructor

Sensei Kaplowitz

Professor Hillary Kaplowitz
Rokudan—Danzan Ryu JuJitsu

Professor Hillary Kaplowitz is the School Head of Pacific JuJitsu Kai in Santa Monica, California. In 1977, she began Danzan Ryu Jujitsu in the juniors program at the Santa Monica YMCA under Sensei Jim Nieto, where she also competed on the Judo team. After a hiatus, she went on to train under a number of Senseis including Mike Lynch and Ed Cook, receiving her Shodan in 1998 from Profs. William Randle and Leif Bennett. She then began training under Prof. Robert Hudson and received her Nidan in 2000, Sandan in 2003, Yodan in 2006, Godan in 2011 and Rokudan in 2016. She received the title of Kyoshi from her Sensei in 2008 and attended the 2013 Okugi with him, receiving a Shihan Kaidensho from Prof Tony Janovich. She received her Professorship in the AJJF on April 29, 2017 at the national convention in Ontario, CA.

Professor Kaplowitz has promoted nine students to the rank of black belt and beyond. She is a graduate of the Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute Modules I, II, and III, and is now an instructor in the program. Over the years more than 30 students from her dojo have graduated from the massage program, and many have gone on to complete further training. She has served the AJJF as the Manager of the Southwest Region, Southwest Regional Exam Coordinator and the Operations Committee position of National Manager of Regions. In addition, Hillary is a professional educator and has a graduate degree in instructional design and technology.

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